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Automation Anywhere IQ BOT Interview Questions

Cognitive Automation is something which is most demanding in current market and most of the companies want to utilize this features to lead the market. Automation Anywhere IQ Bot is one of the Cognitive Solution provided by Automation Anywhere which help industry on working with non-standard data using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

 On this section we are sharing our experience on Cognitive Automation (Automation Anywhere IQ BOT) where you might have questions on your mind like What is IQ Bot in automation anywhere? Or How do you make an IQ Bot in automation anywhere? Etc.. This blog would help you on clearing Automation Anywhere IQ Bot Interview Questions as well as it give you an idea on how to perform Automation Anywhere IQ Bot Training.

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Automation Anywhere IQ Bot Community Edition for learning and training purpose.

Automation Anywhere IQ Bot Developer Assessment Answers

1. What is Automation Anywhere IQ BOT?

Answer: IQ Bot is one of component of Automation Anywhere which combines the power of RPA with Artificial Intelligence technologies like Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), fuzzy logic and machine learning (ML) to automatically classify the documents, extract the data and validate information for different types of documents like Invoices, Purchase Order, Bank Statement etc.

2. How does IQ BOT works?

Answer: IQ Bot uses technology like computer vision and Artificial Intelligence techniques to intelligently digitize and extract data to make your RPA process more effective. Generally IQ Bot uses Optical Character Reader (OCR) as one of the underlying technologies used to extract information from documents. This approach allows IQ Bot to adapt the data extraction from specific domains and document types, and quickly learn from the human behaviour to improve the results.

3. Explain the steps for Creating Learning Instances?

Answer: To Create the Learning Instance in Automation Anywhere we need to follow the below steps:

(a) First we need to identify the sample documents for which I am going to create the Learning Instance.

(b) We need to select the column name which needs to be extract.

(c) We need to go to Learning Instance Tab and Click on New Instance

(d) We need to fill the details like – Learning Instance Name, Description, Select the Document Type, Select the Language and upload sample files.

(e) Then we need to select or add the form field or Table filed in Field to Extract section.

(f) Then we need to select the OCR Engine which is going to use in your document training.

(g) Once above steps completed, we need to Click on Create Instance.

4. How to Train the Learning Instances?

Answer: Once steps from Question No 2 is completed it will take you to IQ BOT designer window where we can see the Groups created with unique number along with other details. Here we need to train all the created Group based on fields selected or added at the time of Learning Instance creation. We need to click on Create BOT/Edit BOT to perform training field wise.

5. What is Custom Logic in IQ BOT and what is the use of it.

Answer: The Custom Logic feature in IQ BOT enable users to make required changes to the data extraction output using Python Scripts. So basically this option help us on creating automating fine-tuning and flexible adjustments on extracted data. For examples if you want to change the Date format of extracted Data it can be done using Custom logic by writing simple python code.

6. Different types of OCR Engine supported by IQ BOT?

Answer: Automation Anywhere IQ BOT supports following OCR Engine to perform Data Extractions.

(1) Tesseract

(2) Abbyy

(3) Microsoft Azure API

(4) Google Vision API

(5) Tegaki API (specially for Japanese Language)

7. Explain about one the use case which can be done using IQ BOT.

Answer: As we are aware IQ BOT can be use for extracting data from non-standard document hence it can be use for documents like Invoices or Purchase Order where Organisation received different types of layout/format from different vendor.

8. When we move Learning Instance into Production and for successful process where we can get the output files.

Answer: Once we move any Learning Instance from Stagging to Production and for successful run output file will be available under folder Learning Instance Name > Success.

9. What are the different type of output file format supported by IQ BOT?

Answer: We can get the output in the form of CSV Only at present.

10. How many folder does IQ BOT creates when we working with it.

Answer: Once training for any Learning Instance has been completed then it will first create a folder with the name of Learning Instance and under that it will create following folders.

(1) Success

(2) Unclassified

(3) Unprocessed 

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