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RPA Interview Questions Automation Anywhere

Robotic Process Automation (RPA )is one of the fast growing industry in current market and Automation Anywhere is one of the Easy in use and Popular RPA Tool. Various  Organizations across the Globe utilizing the innovations and advancements of Robotic Process Automation to meet their day to day requirement. In this article based on our RPA Experience we will help with Top 20 Automation Anywhere Questions and Answers which RPA Developers can ask during RPA interview questions. Before going for RPA Interview you may have thoughts like “What questions would you ask an RPA?” or How do I prepare for RPA? or “Interview Questions for RPA Developer Automation Anywhere“, “Automation 360 Interview Questions” etc. So here we are sharing most frequently asked Automation Anywhere Questions which will help you on clearing your RPA Interview.

Top Most Common RPA Interview Questions & Answers

What are the Major disadvantages of using Keystrokes?

In Automation Anywhere using Keystrokes is a slow method when you need to write a long piece of information when there are faster ways to perform the same action such as other commands like Object Cloning.
(b) If you use Keystrokes in you code then there will be no control on drop down and it is difficult to identify which step performed successfully or not.

Which command allows the sharing of its session state among different tasks (For Example – The existing session can be pass to other sub tasks)?

We have the options to share the session in Command Terminal Emulator (Mainframe) and also it can done with Excel command (Automation Anywhere version 11x onwards).

What is Hotkey and how hotkey is configured to run RPA Bot? Does this feature work when Automation Anywhere Client is not running?

Hotkey is something which we need to configure for specific task to run using mentioned key i.e f5,ctr A etc. Assign hotkeys to an automated task to enable the ability to launch a task with a simple keystroke To configure Hotkey we need to first select the Task from Automation Anywhere Client then Goto Properties then Hotkey and from there we can define it.

What is Hotkey and how hotkey is configured to run RPA Bot?

Is it possible to schedule the Task from Automation Anywhere Client? What is steps for scheduling task in Client and how it is different from Control Room Schedule?

Yes, we can schedule task from Client and to do this we need to first select the task in Client and then at the bottom there is option available as “Schedule” and from there we can schedule it. The main difference between scheduling task from Client and Control room is mentioned as follow.

(a) In Client we can schedule task only for one time by selecting required time to schedule the task.

(b) In Control we have multiple options to schedule the task based on different time line like – Daily, weekly monthly etc.

What is Trigger in Automation Anywhere and how to use it?

A Triggers is predefined events into your RPA Task and it occurs when event happens. Example – Task needs to be execute when new file created into specific share drive folder. To use trigger we need to first select the task and from the trigger section in AA Client we need to select the trigger type. Automation Anywhere Supports multiple type of trigger like File (When file Created),Email (When new email arrives) etc.

Have you used OCR Command in Automation Anywhere? Which OCR Engine supports Automation Anywhere?

Yes, I have used OCR Command in one the project where we need to extract the data from remote desktop where Commands like Object Cloning were not able to extract so I user OCR (Capture Area) to get the values. Automation Anywhere supports different type of OCR Engines like Abby,MODI,Tesseract,TOCR.

While trying to send an email with Send email command and I am getting an error as Outgoing mail server is not specified. Unable to send mail. Explain what went wrong and how to fix this type of issue in Automation Anywhere?

Here we need to update the Host and Port details into Automation Anywhere Client. To do this we need to go to Client>Tools>Option>Email Setting> and here fill the required details to avoid this error.

While using Object Cloning Bot is not able to Capture required element or specific place i.e user name/Password files, it is selecting nearby area? What could be the reason for this and how to fix this?

Generally this happens when Automation Anywhere Extension is not installed in specific browser(Chrome) or installed but not enabled. We need to install the Extension and restart the browser to get the proper data. If the issue not fixed after performing these steps then we need to check the application which supports object cloning or not.

How to Pass variables from Main Task to Sub Task?

To pass variables between Main task and Sub Task we need to use Command “Run Task” and after selecting Sub Task we can see the option as Variable and there we do this by using option “Quick Map” or by using Add option.

What is difference between Command Delay and Wait?

Basically, Delay command wait for specific time to complete the action and it will move to next line after specific time is over. Using delay might not give the proper results due to its limitations. Wait command also called as Dynamic delay which wait for action to be done before moving to next line. Here also we need to put the specific time but wait command will not wait till end of the time in case if the action completed. It is always recommend to use Wait command instead of delay to get proper results.

Explain about Error Handling mechanism in Automation Anywhere?

With the help of Error Handling Command We can handle the errors in Automation Anywhere. This command can use based on requirements in the code and it has multiple error handling options like.

(a) Take Snapshot (Help us on getting the screenshot when any error occurred while running the code)

(b) Run Task (Help us on calling/running other Task/BOT in case of any error)

(c) Log Data into File (This option help us on creating Error Log Information with Time Stamp which help us on analyzing the error and the system Generated variable ‘Error Line Number’ and ‘Error Description’ can give more details about error)

(d) Send Email (This option allow us to send an email when any error occurred in the task and also we can attached the Error Snapshot and System variables like Error Line Number and Error Description – Note : To use this option your email settings like Host Name, Port, SSL/TSL should be updated and Email Port should be open to send email)

(e) Variable Assignment (Here we can assign specific values to particular variables and also we can set the Task Status as Pass/Fail)

Error Handling is completely depending on you how you are implementing into to handle error by using above mentioned options.


What is the use of Object Cloning in Automation Anywhere? What are the different type of Play Mode options available in Object Cloning?

Mostly we use Object Cloning with Windows and Web Based application to perform action like Get Text, Set Text, Perform different types of Click, Select Check Box, Append Text, Get Properties etc. There are 3 different Play Mode available in Object Cloning (1) Object (2) Coordinates (3) Image.

What are the different Technology supported by Command Object Cloning.?

Object Cloning command enables us to select an option to specify the technology of the object that being captured. You can use the Select Technology option (Default, Legacy, Standard, Advanced, Advanced-WPF) to configure the Object Cloning command to use the selected technology for the target application.

What is the use of Image Recognition Command and explain the steps for using it.?

We use this command to search Image from source image and based on Match it will perform Action like Left Click, Double Click and Right Click. Generally we use this command to perform Click on Application where commands like Object Cloning or Manage Windows and also we use this command while working with Citrix Automation.

How to handle a window where window name is not fix and it can change for every record?

In such type of scenario we can use wild card if anything in window name is fixed else we can use Get Activate Window Title to assign the window name to user variables and use the same as per requirements.

Is there any ways to automate Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook cannot be automate directly using Automation Anywhere Task Bot(Other than Keystrokes/other available commands ) however it can be done using MetaBot. Automation Anywhere provided Outlook  MetaBot can be used to perform outlook email related activities.

What are the difference between Object Cloning, Manage Web Control and Manage Windows Command?

Object cloning is specifically used for capturing objects that use technologies like Flex, Silverlight, Java or HTML. Object Cloning help on capturing properties like X,Y coordinates, object properties and image, if enabled. When we use Object Cloning command which recognize Objects and other properties form target application,which  includes Name, Type, Path, and Value. 

Manage Windows Control command allows us to work with windows controls like check-boxes and radio buttons. With this command, we can find out if the radio button or check box is checked or not. Automation Anywhere supports only standard Windows check boxes and radio buttons. Manage Web Control is a sub command of Web Recorder, it  enables us to automate web based tasks such as extraction of data or table data, source code from a website, navigate to a URL and download the data.

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