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Interview-Ready with RPA Realtime Projects: Your Key to Unlocking Professional Success

In this post, we will be discussing RPA Realtime Projects for Interview, RPA real-time RPA project examples that can help you understand end-to-end automation. These RPA project examples are based on industry requirements across various domains such as Finance, HR, Banking, Healthcare, etc.

Whether you’re a student looking for RPA projects or a beginner seeking UiPath projects, the project we’re sharing here can be used by anyone and developed using any RPA tool, including UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, or Power Automate.

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RPA use cases | RPA Realtime Projects examples

Process 1 – Employee Onboarding Automation

Process Overview: In this process involves in performing new employee onboarding. Once employee selection and joining date finalize. Hiring and HR team has to perform many manual activities to onboard an employee into company. As per the process steps, they verify required information manually. Once verification done, needs to perform following steps to complete the process.

  • Onboarding PDF document available or not
  • Background Check status
  • Employees basic details like – DOB, Address, Bank details etc.
  • Create Employee ID into Salesforce
  • Raise ServiceNow request to grant required access, Send Laptop
  • Update Bank details into SAP
  • Team Introduction Meeting invite via Email to Employee
  • Send list of mandatory training email to employee
  • Welcome Mail sends to Employee.

To verify and update data into different application takes 1-2 hours’ time for single employee. And also, there will chances of manual errors.

RPA Solution: The process looks standard, and steps involved in the process looks good to automate. We can follow below steps to Automate this HR Automation use case.

  • Use RPA BOT to extract Data from onboarding PDF
  • Saved in Excel or Database
  • Data validation should be done for extracted information.
  • Information update into different applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow and SAP.
  • Welcome Email and other information send to Onboarded employee.
  • Update HR team once onboarding completed.

Refer to following High Level Process flow to understand the involved steps.

RPA Realtime Projects
Employee Onboarding Process Flow

Once this process is automated, RPA BOT can complete this process within 5-7 minutes with good accuracy. Also, it will help on increase the productivity and streamline the process. You can also see this process video in our YouTube Channel.

Hope this will help you to give idea about Real Time Project RPA interview Questions. You can also visit our other Blog Post based on other trending Technologies.