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SAP Process Automation – Automation Anywhere

SAP is one of the popular tool available in the market and most of the companies are using it to manage their day-to-day works. On this article “Automation Anywhere – SAP Process Automation” we will understand about how automation anywhere is compatible with sap. We will discuss about most popular sap automation interview questions and answers which ask during the RPA Developer Interview. 

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Automation Anywhere SAP Interview QuestionsSAP Process Automation

1. How many ways you can automate SAP using Automation Anywhere version 11x? or How do you Automate SAP?

SAP can be automate 4 ways using Automation Anywhere version 11x and those as mentioned as follow.

  • Using SAP DLL – Metabot
  • SAP GUI Script Recording and Playback option (SAP Scripting)
  • SAP Integration Command
  • Keystrokes, Image Recognition, OCR, Object Cloning and Manage Window Control Commands

2. Explain the steps of SAP Automation using Metabot?

SAP automation using Metabot is one of the easy and straight forward method availble in Automation Anywhere version 11x. To use this method we need to follow the give steps.

1. Add SAP DLL file into Metabot designer
2. Create MetaBot Logic using DLL file
3. Use SAP Gui Recording and Playback option to get Object ID
4. Pass the Object ID into Metabot Logic
5. Call Metabot Logic from Automation Anywhere Client.

SAP Process Automation

3. What is the pre-requisite to Automate SAP using Meta Bot Options?

In order to use Automation Anywhere Metabot option you must have following details available:

  • SAP DLL file
  • Metabot file with Logic
  • SAP GUI Scripting Recording and Playback option must be enabled in SAP.
  • Metabot file should be there in My Metabot folder
  • User must have access to use Metabot from Automation Anywhere Client.

4. How do you launch SAP in Automation Anywhere?

In order to open or launch SAP Application in Automation Anywhere we need to use “Open Program/File” command where add the SAP Application file path. Please refer to attached image for more detail.

How to launch SAP using Automation Anywhere.
Steps for opening SAP in Automation Anywhere

5. How to Automate SAP if it is available in Citrix or Cloud Server?

In case if Automation Anywhere Client (version 11x) is accessible from outside Citrix or Cloud server and SAP is installed in Citrix Server. In that case, we won’t be able to use most of the commands or features like Metabot.

But still, it can be automated using Keystores, OCR, and Image Recognition. Using these options, we may get low accuracy as result due to OCR and Image Recognition command limitations. We can use Keystrokes to pass the value from AA Client to SAP, OCR command can help on reading information SAP and Image Recognition command can help on performing other actions like performing Click or double click.

SAP Automation in Automation Anywhere A360

6. Explain the options available in A360 to Automation SAP?

Options available for sap automation in a360
  • SAP Action/Package
  • SAP BAPI Action
  • Capture Command
  • Universal Recorder
  • AISense Recorder

To use above mentioned options your SAP version must be 760 or above and also access to SAP GUI Script recording playback must be enable else you won’t be able to use any of these actions. Please note that here we do not have any options to create Meta Bot however we can migrate Metabot from Automation Anywhere version 11x to A360.

7. How to call SAP Script in Automation Anywhere Client? How to pass values or read values using SAP Scrip?

In Order to call SAP Script, we need to use command “Run Script”. We need to select the script which want to run and pass the parameter using variables. Use below code to Pass the parameter and get return values.

Wscript.Arguments.Item(0) – Pass the Parameters
Wscript.Stdout.write – Return value

How to run Sap Script using Automation Anywhere.

Hope this will help you crack your next Automation Anywhere interview. You can also visit our other Blog Post based on other trending Technologies.